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Property Services


Your peace of mind starts here - Nzuri Ltd is a small family owned business based in South London, the members of our team know the company inside out so not only can you meet the entire team but you can deal with one dedicated person at all times.

As a small company we can adapt our policies to offer more flexibility than our larger competitors.  

Our highly experienced team aims to establish long-term working relationships with clients.  All our staff pride themselves on looking after each property as if it were their own. We understand that a rental property is bricks and mortar to a landlord but a home to a tenant, It is with that in mind that Nzuri aims to meet the expectations of both



We believe our hands on personal approach coupled with our knowledge in the field makes us special and gives us an edge over our competitors.


In a nutshell

  • We offer a 12 month to 3 year agreement.
  • Nzuri becomes your tenant.
  • The rent is agreed at the beginning and is paid directly into your bank account, monthly in advance.
  • The first payment being made at the commencement of the agreement the first two months in advance.
  • During the term we will pay for all the costs usually borne by the landlord such as inventories, cleaning, 
  • repairs and day to day maintenance, from a washing machine breaking down to a leaking tap.
  •  Nzuri will cover and pay for your rent whether the property is vacant or occupied and whatever happens to the market or      economy.


Letting a property is an unpredictable and demanding process. There are many uncertainties that can radically affect your actual rental income which means you end up with much less than you envisaged.


This is extremely common but does come as a shock, particularly for new landlords, who imagine that at the end of the year, they’ll have 12 times the monthly rental in their pockets. Sadly, this is rarely the case.


That is why we have developed our Guaranteed Rent scheme.


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